Dan Coletti’s Sun West Custom Homes to build the National Association of Home Builders’ 2019 ‘The New American Home’

‘Net-zero energy’ home in Southern Nevada’s luxury Ascaya community to double as a showcase for homeowners’ exotic cars, high-end and high-tech products


Las Vegas — Dan Coletti knows all about custom estate homes.


So it was only natural that when the National Association of Home Builders decided to bring “The New American Home” back to the Las Vegas region in 2019, they would select Coletti to design and build the showcase home.


“It’s a real honor,” said Coletti, owner of Sun West Custom Homes LLC. “This is our sweet spot. Of the 25 most elaborate estate homes ever constructed in Southern Nevada, we have built the lion’s share.”


The sweeping views of the city rank highly among the defining characteristics of Las Vegas. Particularly at night, they are among the most compelling, electric and exciting vistas in the United States.

Fortunately, the city of Las Vegas is surrounded by mountains. However, there are very few places that offer unobstructed views of the entire Las Vegas Valley and all of the world-famous Las Vegas Strip.


The luxury Ascaya community, home to The 2019 New American Home, offers completely unfettered views of the Strip and the surrounding mountains.


“In many ways it is singularly unique, and it is one of the major reasons we selected Ascaya as the site to build The 2019 New American Home,” Coletti said. “One of the things that makes it so attractive is the sheer scale and scope of the vistas. We see this as an ideal showcase for Ascaya, which offers incredible views of the Las Vegas Valley, including the world-famous Strip.”


The Las Vegas Valley offers an unparalleled climate. It’s well-known that spring and fall in Southern Nevada bring beautifully temperate days and nights, but here’s a secret that only Las Vegans understand: Even during the dead of summer, the early morning and evening hours are among the most alluring, relaxing times of year.


“As a result, it has always been my goal to bring the outside climate during these peak times into the homes, so that the home flows easily and organically from interior to exterior,” Coletti said. “At the same time we have to make sure we maximize the very views that brought us to the site in the first place. Our goal is to ensure that signature view encompassing the Strip covers one entire side of the house.”


The 2019 New American Home, which will feature more than 7,000 square feet of living space, will have an elaborate infinity edge pool that will accentuate one of the most spectacular views in all of the Southwest.


“We also aim to bring the beautiful climate into the house, so the pool not only functions as a swimming pool but also as a vision of tranquility, a foreground of serenity over which the views of Las Vegas take your breath away,” Coletti said. “The National Association of Home Builders wanted a new concept, and Ascaya seemed like the perfect organic setting for The New American Home for 2019.”


Homebuyers who purchase custom homes at this level tend to have an affinity for exotic cars, and the 2019 New American Home has them covered. Upon the approach to the home, a garage that doubles as a “man cave” sits off to the right. On the left there is an expansive home office, which allows the homeowner to look across the front courtyard to view their beautiful cars parked snugly across the way in the completely finished and air-conditioned man cave/garage, which also features a pool table.


The front courtyard will spotlight the signature indoor/outdoor living aesthetic embraced by so many of Coletti’s designs. The door system opens directly to the courtyard, and inside awaits a “great room” style house, meaning there is no separation between living area and family room. With Coletti’s ingenious design, it’s sometimes hard to tell where the home ends and the outdoors begin.


Solar power and other green elements have advanced considerably in recent years, and the plan is to make the 2019 New American Home a “net-zero energy” (NZE) home, or as close to it as possible. This designation means that when all is said and done, due to the way Coletti is designing the home as a complete, integrated package, it will draw virtually no power off the grid. Essentially, it will put as much energy back into the grid as it derives from the grid.


“Ultimately, the 2019 New American Home will display the latest innovations and high-frontier solutions in design, architecture, products and efficiency,” Coletti said. “This is what we know from our decades of experience in building the most luxurioius estate homes in the Southwest: The real decision-maker tends to be the one who takes personal ownership of the kitchen. At this level of sophistication, a stove goes from being something that you cook food on to becoming the heart and soul of the home. The refrigerators we work with, they’re not just making ice cubes, but they are making a statement about how they fit in to the entire home, how the home is built around them.


“They go way beyond mere appliances. They define the owners of the home and how they see themselves making a life in the home.”


Highly respected vendors such as Kohler, DuPont, Sub-Zero, Wolf and other leading home product brands, as members of the National Association of Home Builders Leading Suppliers Council (LSC), will participate in presenting The New American Home. As LSC members, the brands help shape the policies of the residential construction industry while raising their own visibility among designers, builders and consumers.


“The New American Home becomes a perfect frame for the high-end products offered by these vendors — and eventually, some of the world’s most desirable cars as well,” Coletti said. “When the National Association of Home Builders’ International Builders’ Show is in Las Vegas in February of 2019, they will be escorting hundreds of attendees up to The New American Home so the LSC members can show off their products in a real-life home setting.”


The National Association of Home Builders’ International Builders’ Show takes place February 19-21, 2019, which is when The New American Home officially opens for attendees. After the convention, The New American Home will be open to the general public. In partnership with the National Association of Home Builders, Coletti plans to keep the home open for approximately one year after the convention.


Groundbreaking on the 2019 New American Home is scheduled for January 2018.

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