Ascaya Live Recap At Henderson International Private School

Ascaya sales manager Darin Marques sat down with Henderson International Headmaster Seth Ahlborn last week for the custom homesites “Why Henderson” series.

With more than 350 schools and 320,000 students Henderson is home the top students, best teachers and premiere schools in the city, state and nation.

In case you missed the Ascaya Live last week here are the highlights from the interview.

Why Henderson International: Q&A With Principal Seth Ahlborn


What sets Henderson International apart from any other private school in the community?


“it’s proximity, location, location, location,” said Aholborn.

Henderson International’s convenient location is a definite bonus for the elite private school. Many of the families at Henderson International have a 5 to 10 Minute drive to school, Aholborn explained.

Along with a convenient location Henderson International is also has some of the top  students in the Vegas Valley.

“We’re an esteemed school. Science, Technology, Engineering and Arts is very important to us and mathematics,”said Aholborn.

At Henderson International students score in the top 10% Nationally on Standardized tests. “Seventy-five percent of our kids fit that bill,”said Ahlborn


I’ve heard a lot about Findlay Prep and there has been fantastic basketball players that come from Findlay Prep. Can you give us a little background on what Findlay prep is and how it all started?

Cliff Findlay’s educational foundation sponsors athletes to play at Henderson International and requires that all students fulfill the school’s academic curriculum.

“Everyone of those graduates is a recruited student to an NCAA Division 1 school. We now have 17 that have been drafted in the NBA,”said Ahlborn.


What sets you apart from Summerlin schools?

“I think our engineering program is one of the things that sets us apart.”

The school is looking to develop the high school program around the esteemed program with specializations happening Junior and Senior year in high school.

“The other private schools in the valley are exceptional. They do a very good job. I don’t want to take anything away from that. Proximity here in Henderson we have every bit of good of programs as other places and I’ll say in some places I think we are better,” said Ahlborn.

Henderson International also offers Spanish starting in Pre-Kindergarten and throughout high school. The school is also looking to expand their foreign language programs and is looking to include Mandarin and Arabic for higher level students.


You have a great music program as well, right?

“Yes, it’s apart of our Arts program.  In our middle school both 5th and 6th grade do a musical theater in the spring. Our kids paint the sets and design everything. A full student production.”

First graders start with violin and play through the third grade. “As kids are starting to learn how to read and comprehend better. That’s a really good neurological thing for them,” explained Ahlborn.


If parents want to learn more about Henderson International what’s the best way to get connected for a tour?

“The best way is to either contact us at the school by phone or you can go online to There is an interest form that can be filled out and all the information you need.”

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