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Dray Gardner

“Yoga forces us to reevaluate ourselves and to realize how powerful we really are. Yoga clears a pathway for us to return to ourselves and to our oneness, letting go of self-imposed limitations.

For every person that i am fortunate enough to share the gift of yoga with, i humbly and enthusiastically welcome. I will bear witness not only to the struggle that brought you here, but also to your advancement, to your strength and to your self-realization and transformation.

The divine spirit in me acknowledges and connects with the divine spirit in you. Let no one steal your peace.”

Angela Amoia

My name is Angela Amoia and I lead yoga classes, workshops, retreats and trainings that are impactful and transformative over time yet empowering, freeing, and full of vitality in the present!

Originally from Upstate New York, I first stepped foot onto my mat as a graduate student in Tucson AZ in 2002 and, unknowingly that day, began a journey that would transform my life off the mat…a journey that led me out of suicidal depression and anxiety, created an empowered leader, and has given me a community and everlasting friendships…a journey that has collectively led to connection within myself and in return with others.

And in return today, I am committed to connection. Connection through building and sustaining community, personal growth of others through yoga meditation and self- discovery, and being a leader empowering leaders. And coming from openness and compassion, I hold space for you to discover and embody what matters most to you in your life both on and off your mat!

I invite you to step foot onto your mat for your first or thousandth time, drop what you think it should be and come as you are today…all the rest will fall into place.