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Recreation at Ascaya

by ASCAYA on February 25, 2019
Recreation at Ascaya

When you think of recreation at a luxury home community you probably think of clubhouse amenities. As far as clubhouse amenities go Ascaya has you covered, with one of the most innovative clubhouses in the country breaking ground in the fall. Though that will be amazing, I am referring to a different kind of recreation, and it all starts out the front door of your custom Ascaya home.

Did you know that Henderson, NV ranks sixth on Prevention magazine’s list of best walking cities? And that Henderson has more than thirty-seven miles of trails to explore? Some of the best trails in the area roam through the scenic McCullough Range, where Ascaya rises above everything.

Ascaya’s premier location, literally set right within the McCullough Hills offers a unique opportunity. First of all, the community climbs to a height of three-thousand feet. This offers panoramic views of not only the city and Strip, but the surrounding foothills and slopes. This is prime trail country, and being so high into the surrounding hills, expect something more your refreshing hikes. Rather than having to climb to the heights to interact with local nature, you are starting near the top, and nothing remains but those oh-so-near peaks. A sunny picnic atop a nearby summit is closer than you imagine.

The area is home to amazing vegetation and wildlife, which is yours for the discovering. Keep your eyes peeled for roosting quail, the endangered desert tortoise (look but don’t touch), and the regal Nelson bighorn sheep. Not to mention beautiful blooming cacti varieties, thriving Joshua and Yucca trees, and the ever-popular Creosote bush (that’s what smells so good when it rains). The black rock beneath your feet is ancient volcanic flow, and deeper into the foothills you can find petroglyph panels, and other reminders of history long-past.

These are special lands, and worth preserving. In fact, the Bureau of Land Management protects great swaths of the area, ensuring the natural beauty will be there for generations to come. Remember to do your part as well. Never litter, and be mindful of your impact on all the wonderful living things. Of course, be safe. Bring lots of water, use sunblock and wear a hat. Try and always hike with a partner or group. If hiking alone, always let someone know where you plan to go, and bring a fully-charged cell phone. Now get out there and have some fun!

If you love nature and are eager to explore, you must see the amazing things happening at Ascaya’s custom home lots, where recreation means more than a stellar clubhouse.