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Top Tips For Building a Custom Home

by ASCAYA on December 6, 2018
Top Tips For Building a Custom Home

The process of building a new custom home is an exciting venture and a journey in itself. Whether it’s a set decision or a meek thought of exploring the process. Building a custom home is an exciting journey with many facets along the way.

With any journey a map is a great tool along the way as it is the bird’s-eye view of anticipations, routes and avenues.

Here are top tips to map-out the direction in the process of building a custom homesite.


Write Down Your Goals and Visions

Writing down your goals is a crucial way to delve into your ultimate fantasy of custom house plans. Have fun with this process and explore the possible potentials.

While visions set the tone and foundation for the roadmap the goals are the compass of practicality.

Questions to unfold your visions include things such as what you want to achieve, what is your ultimate dream home, what do you foresee as the terrain, the lot size and views. These should encompass the vision both exterior and interior.

The goals should include projected budget and timelines.


Map Out The Journey

Mapping out the journey is done through different processes. This is achieved by inquiring information from the exclusive homesite so you can begin to explore the area and see the potentials along the horizon.

At Ascaya a great starting point can be as simple as attending our Vino With A View or the Architect & Builder Workshops. These events are designed for future residents to get accustomed with the development and the process of building a luxury home.


Select a lot

Each lot at Ascaya is unique by offering authentic views of the beautiful terrain and the glamorous Strip.

When deciding on a lot think about your lifestyle. Do you prefer refined getaways of exclusion and serenity or do you opt for primetime socialization. The close access to the luxurious Clubhouse are lot options as well as exclusive serene terrain atop the beautiful McCullough Range.


Finding your style through Architecture

Building a custom homesite untwines the depth of personal character.

The architect is an important and exciting piece in this journey. Building a custom home is a personal representation of the resident so it is important to find an architect that can portray your ultimate vision. Explore different architectural designs, meet the architects and find one that suits your personality and style.

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