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Top Things To Know When Selecting an Ascaya Premiere Homesite

by ASCAYA on December 4, 2018
Top Things To Know When Selecting an Ascaya Premiere Homesite

Building a new custom home starts with selecting the perfect homesite to build upon.

Great architects blur boundaries through interior and exterior concepts. As you venture into the process of building exclusive luxury at Ascaya it starts with evaluating the many features of the authentic and gorgeous homesites.


Know The Dream View of Your Ultimate Vision

Building a custom home is more than just knowing the interior and exterior design style and preference. It is important to know what type of views you want to capture in the essence of your own home.

Whether it is the exquisite radiance of the desert horizon, luxurious views of The Strip, scenic desert canyons or a balanced mix of all the view is an everlasting concept for a new custom home.


Entertainment Seeker

If you are a social butterfly that loves the lavish thrills of exclusive entertainment and opt to be encompassed by the luxurious social engagements. Then it is important to seek out a desired proximity to the exclusive Ascaya Clubhouse.

This exclusive environment blends the essence of luxury living ever so precisely. With a future that holds a beautiful events pavilion, family focused spaces, fitness center, luxury spa, pool terrace and tennis pavilion the Clubhouse is destined hub of entertainment and luxury rejuvenation.


Nature Enthused

Whether you love the enticing views of beautiful desert canyons and mountainous terrain or just an active outdoor enthusiast it is valuable to seek out a homesite that entices your inner taste for natural beauty.

Ascaya offers collections of exclusive homesites located atop the gorgeous McCullough Mountaintop adjacent to the Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area that is home to bighorn sheep and epic canyon trails.

Seeking a lot that is spacious, rising 1,000 feet above the valley floor will entail a calming desert oasis for any future luxury home.


Seek the Beauty in Each Exclusive Lot

Authenticity in home building is beyond the interior. At Ascaya there is true authentic beauty in each lot. These homesites are bound to compliment the future custom home. Finding the right lot is done through exploring the collection of each unique landscape.