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How to De-Tuscanize Your Home With Donna Johnson

by ASCAYA on November 13, 2018
How to De-Tuscanize Your Home With Donna Johnson

Darin Marques, sales manager of Ascaya speaks with Donna Johnson, owner of Luxury-Designer about the process to de-tuscanize your home .

With passion, cutting edge and global inspiration Luxury-Designer’s team represents the foundation of a true design firm. With a multitude of design styles and diverse industry experience Luxury-Designer executes and delivers innovative luxury designs that has amazed our clients.

During the housing boom over a decade ago, builders gave buyers what they wanted: homes in the Tuscan design, the region of Central Italy in the Mediterranean, with an Old World feel.

Donna said these tastes have changed and the trend for homeowners with those style of homes is to de-Tuscanize them. The design has been losing luster since 2010, she said.