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Exclusive Home Tour with Interior Designer Danielle Rios

by ASCAYA on November 8, 2018

Danielle Rios’ journey into interior design is one of reflection that stems from her earlier years as a fashion model. In those impressionable years, she cultivated an uncanny sense of style with classic sensibilities and cutting edge trends.

Creating themes for fashion shoots and collaborating with production stylists, enabled Rios to have a fearless approach with her design philosophy. It was a natural progression to broaden her experience into one that parallels and combines the creative world of interior design.

Both fields orchestrate the simultaneous elements of harmony, balance, scale, color and comfort.

The Danielle Rios Design Studio offers “Interior Design from the Runway,” merging traditional styles with innovative modern fashion to create luxurious spaces inspired by the kind of high-end wear seen on the red carpet every year.

Danielle’s high expectations and personal drive have launched her into an exciting venture of design and construction development. Working on multi-million dollar estates such as Ascaya’s 13 Cloud Chaser Boulevard with architecture by SB Architects.

The intention of 13 Cloud Chaser was to create a home as flexible as possible for multiple living situations: families, couples, single individuals. As well as develop a retreat-like atmosphere away from the hectic Las Vegas Strip. Without a doubt, this home offers exactly that. Beginning with the tranquil entry courtyard that acts as a decompression area, to the dual master suites separated by each floor, the home is very adaptable and offers peace of mind.

Darin Marques, sales manager of Ascaya takes us on a tour of the property while Danielle Rios shares tricks of the trade to transform your home with interior design.