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ASCAYA’s New Lifestyle Director is Making Club ASCAYA a Reality

by ASCAYA on September 7, 2018
ASCAYA’s New Lifestyle Director is Making Club ASCAYA a Reality

“Hey guys, Darin Marques Sales Manager for ASCAYA here. I want to update you on some exciting news…we just recently hired a new Clubhouse Concierge (lifestyle director). And the reason I’m really excited about this is because it’s something we’ve been promising to the community for quite awhile or rather to our residents. And that promise really is to give our residents that concierge style living no different than what you would get at any high-rise here in the valley. We’ve now got that here on-site and provided to our residents and what that means is that we’ve got somebody here that if they’re new in town or just moved here to Vegas and want to book a great dinner at a great restaurant our Clubhouse Concierge will be here to help you do that. Our Clubhouse Concierge is lining up off-site events for children, weddings, and those types of activities/events for our residents. This is going to be what our Clubhouse Concierge is here for.

The other great thing that we’re working on currently that we’ll be rolling out is a program for our residents that tie in with our sister properties. As some of you may know or may not know the developer owns several great hotels, including the Rosewood Hotels across the nation including the Beverly Wilshire in Beverly Hills and also the Baha Mar in the Bahamas. And so we’re going to be tying in some programs with them that will be exclusive to our residents as well and it’s really going to help expand our community so if you have any more questions about this or what’s going on or you like to come out and meet our new Clubhouse Concierge we welcome you out any day of the week. Please come by and see us. Thanks.” – Darin Marques