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Find Your Design Style

by ASCAYA on November 2, 2016

Knowing your design style is essential to building a custom home.

Yet it isn’t always precisely clear for everyone.  Perhaps you say you prefer a particular style but your current interior says otherwise.

Or, maybe your design style is still unknown.

There are a few ways to pinpoint your sense of design style. One easy way is to first browse Ascaya’s architects and get a feel for their various styles of design. As well as explore each architects as we spotlight their beautiful aesthetics.

Building luxury home is not just about the exterior it’s also about getting specifics from the interior space. Here are some interior designs to entice your innate sense of style.


Tranquility with blurred boundaries of the interior and exterior of the peaceful desert terrain.



Richard Meir & Partners Architecture

Stylish simplicity that is clean is the focus of this design style.



Pinnacle Architecture

Casual and fuss-free elegance of this design is found in the openness that exudes a sense of clarity.



CJ Hoogland Architecture

Alluring yet unpretentious this interior rave simplistic charm.